Thai Food Samui


Thai food is really good, people love it. There are so many local Thai restaurants everywhere on the island - from the beach to the streets. They offer a wide range of Thai and international food. Try something new, it's all very tasty! They are all good and you will love it. Just walk in, start with a cocktail and enjoy your meal. Our favorite restaurants are noted in our map.

Fishermann's Village


At Fisherman's Village you will find many restaurants with different kinds of food. These restaurants are all located in one street. Just walk along and choose what you like. Check our map for our favorite restaurants at Fisherman's Village.

Streetfood Samui


You should also try street food in Thailand. It's super cheap and very delicious. It looks unusual, but don't worry about that and try it. There are also a lot of food markets with fresh local food. You need to experience these and take in the amazing scents.

International Food Samui


If you've had too much Thai food after several days, you can try international food on a very high level at the five-star resorts on Koh Samui. They offer very good western and asian meals. Prices are higher than in local restaurants, but they are still low compared to other countries. We recommend some 5-star resort restaurants in our map.