White Orchid Google Map

You can find all important places of Koh Samui in our White Orchid map. The points of interest are divided into the following categories:

  • Villa - The location of the villa

  • Beach - The most important beaches

  • Beachclub - Hotspots for a cocktail

  • Restaurant - Our favorite restaurants

  • Spa - Massage & Wellness

  • Sightseeing - The mustsee's on Koh Samui

  • Shopping - Mall & Supermarket

  • Nightmarket - Walkingstreets

  • Traffic - Airport Arrival & Departure

  • Emergency - Pharmacy, Hospital, Police

Use our map to navigate on the island. We recommend a tourist simcard to use with your smartphone. We keep this map up to date and let you know about the latest hotspots on the island.