Jolanda & Chris Kessler




We kindly introduce ourselves: Jolanda & Chris Kessler. We've been married since 2017 and live happily together in Switzerland with our little Chihuahua, Woodii. Since 2015, we have frequently travelled to Thailand for vacations. We first started with Phuket and switched to Koh Samui in April 2018 for the first time. We just fell in love with this very beautiful island and we had our best vacation ever!

During this vacation we met some lovely people who told us more about the real estate business. We had an offer for a new villa on Koh Samui, so we decided to buy it and rent the villa out to guests all over the world. We call our villa "White Orchid" because it is our favorite flower and it naturally grows around Koh Samui island.

We love our Villa White Orchid and we do all we can to make your stay the best you've ever had. We would be happy to welcome you as our guests. Enjoy your stay!